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How does the hydraulic system for setting up and dismantling work?

At the exhibition location, the trailer with the Promocube is unhitched from the towing vehicle. You need a power connection onsite to work the hydraulics; a normal 230V three-pin connection is generally sufficient. The hydraulic system lifts the Promocube, the trailer is removed from under it, and the hydraulics lower the Promocube back to the ground. After that, the fold-out panels can be opened and the Promocube can be set up and aligned. No additional devices or machines such as cranes, forklifts, or lifts are needed for setting up and dismantling the Promocube. Two persons without any prior training and with no special skills can set up the Promocube after undergoing the mandatory instruction/training (conducted at pick-up) within about 50-70 minutes.

Does the Promocube have any storage space?

The Promocube has an equipment room (about 180 x 80 cm). It contains the hydraulics, and all technical devices can be installed in this room. All power cables, HDMI, etc. can be sub-distributed out of sight into the presentation area from there. The equipment room is large enough to install for instance a wardrobe or shelves, so it functions very well as a lockable storage space.

How is the Promocube transported?

The Promocube is transported on a two-axle tandem trailer, which is hitched to a towing vehicle. The galvanized undercarriage has a ring mount with telescoping lighting system, which permits highly precise placement even in very tight exhibition spaces. The draw gear is height-adjustable, so it can be towed with a Sprinter (ball head coupling) or truck (towing eye).

What kind of towing vehicle is needed?

You will need to provide the towing vehicle, as it is not included in our rental/sales proposal. The towing vehicle must have towing capacity of 3.5 t (actual weight to be towed about 2.3 t) and a support load of at least 100-120 kg. Some SUVs also satisfy these requirements. But please be aware that the Promocube is not a transport vehicle. You need to plan sufficient transport volume in the towing vehicle for furniture, technical equipment, promotional materials, etc. You will want to select your towing vehicle depending on the load volume is required. In our experience, you need at least a Sprinter or a vehicle of comparable size. If more transport volume is needed, a 7.5 t truck may be more suitable.

What basic features does the Promocube have?

The basic kit includes the actual Promocube itself with the fold-out panels and the trailer with ring mount and height-adjustable draw gear. A large roof teaser for maximum visual effect at a distance is standard (without printing). Every Promocube has a small storage room, which also houses the standard hydraulic system. The interior ceilings are equipped with LED downlights. The floor is made of robust, non-slip aluminum riffle sheet.

Can I choose any flooring?

Aluminum riffle sheet has proven to be the most suitable flooring. It is especially robust, non-slip (which is an enormous benefit when using the Promocube outdoors in wet weather), and extremely durable. This is why we use it in all of our rental units. Of course, you can also use floating floor coverings like PVC, carpet, artificial turf, or laminate. When you buy a Promocube, other floor coverings can be permanently installed.

What additional equipment is available?

Every Promocube can be individually outfitted. We will gladly implement your special requests, including fiberglass housing, heating, etc. In addition, we will take care of the interior and install technical equipment and furniture to your specifications. We have demonstrated the versatility and flexibility of the Promocube in many projects.

Can I use the Promocube indoors and outdoors?

The Promocube is designed for outdoor use as well as indoor use. The premium quality materials and excellent craftsmanship stand up to any weather. With our easily mounted fiberglass elements, the Promocube can be enclosed all around like a solarium, so it can be used all year. Thanks to its versatile design options and applications, the Promocube is equally ideal for roadshows, promotions, product launches, brand events, and trade shows. When used indoors, the Promocube makes for a prestigious exhibit, yet it is always mobile.

Do I need a power connection at the exhibition site?

You will need a power connection in order to operate the hydraulics for setting up and dismantling. A regular 230V three-pin connection is usually sufficient. However, if you intend to run additional devices with high energy consumption (e.g. several coffee machines), you may need to order a more powerful connection, which must be provided at the site (400 Volt/16A/32A). The Promocube has all necessary connectors/adapters, so all of the above mentioned connections can be used.

What permits/certificates do I need?

The Promocube is considered a “mobile building”, but a building log is not needed because the building is less than 75 sqm, has only one floor, and is less than 6.00m high. We provide certificates for wind loads and weight calculations. B1 certificates are available for the few flammable materials used in the Promocube. Generally, cities and communities have their own regulations, which should be checked by the renter/buyer before the event.